The Thousand Islands Tourist Information Is Located In The Bay Of Jakarta, Indonesia

The Thousand Islands Tourist Information Is Located In The Bay Of Jakarta, Indonesia - The holiday is the most menyengkan thing and of course with the proper time to plan, let alone the current work activities increasing refresing is certainly needs to be done in order to refresh the mind and get back a full spirit. The available sights indeed very diverse depending on the needs of the hobby and each individual, such as a shopping tour, nature tourism, and others. This time we give information of coastal tourism are located in the Bay of Jakarta, i.e. the thousand islands, where the island offers an exotic beauty and the hospitality of the local culture to make travelers enjoy and can refresh the mind with a visit to This tourist attraction. Before the visit to the thousand Islands tourist attraction of this, we should know a little bit of information about the characteristics of such attractions.

The Thousand Islands Tourist Information Is Located In The Bay Of Jakarta, Indonesia

Thousand islands settled population as  "the Pulo " that his home was in the range of the thousand islands at this time. Thousand islands itself was so named because of the many islands in the area. Information note version mentions of local governments, the island in the thousand islands region is only 300 islands of the 110 Islands have natural flora fauna habitat.

The Thousand Islands History

The thousand islands is the unity of the Archipelago, in this case Kepuluan a thousand lies in the Bay of Jakarta. In ancient times the Islands above the colony formed corals growing reef animals that have died in Jakarta Bay, the colony was growing in the shallow seabed, and layer it looks to sea level due to the weathering processes of reef, then above the floating over coral land it start to grow the types of trees to be land filled with sand that we now know so the thousand islands.

The historical record States Territories consisting of former Netherlands relics from the 19th century sixteen, at the island of Onrust. But in fact the Portuguese first came to Sunda Kelapa towards the Netherlands, i.e. the year 1513 where the time of Central Jakarta city into the political area of Pajajaran Kingdom of Sunda. But somehow, the Portuguese at that time does not leave a trace in the thousand islands. Not just a relic of that inscription, there is also a historical relic is a stronghold on the island, Bidadari Island, and the island of Onrust Kelor which to this day still nisa we see in three island. While we know together, in the 19th century, seventeen maps made by the Netherlands has become a sign of the existence of the Islands in the territory of the island Grill from the first been inhabited.

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In addition to other historical heritage that is composed of tombs located in the thousand islands, such as the tomb of the Commander of the Black Island Tidung. In this case it is clearly visible that the thousand islands gave a strong historical record going earlier and connect kebaradaannya sheets of history that have been found in these thousand islands.

The Culture Of The Inhabitants Of The Thousand Islands

Thousand islands settled population is believed to have been formed as well as commencing from the Grilled Island, after the settlement of the thousand islands in the increasingly widespread, the spread of the population and also culture penetrated from one island to another island heading, like the island Pari Island Tidung Island Untung Jawa, and numerous other islands in the thousand islands region. The original inhabitants of the thousand islands often called  "the Pulo ". The characteristics of the People of that time at the time of Pulo so different with the betawi resident, though his area so close together in the city of Jakarta. And also not characteristic is similar to the population of Banten though a number of very early origin of Banten.

Islanders Bake it better have a tendency of its own cultural characteristics, i.e. a mix of culture, the characteristics of the inhabitants of Borneo, the Celebes, Sundanese rail as well as combined with the culture and character of the inhabitants. The results of this cultural mixture so complex and produce a single culture and a new character, that character is called ' people ' term Pulo tuk Grilled Island residents, who then formed the character and culture of the residents of the thousand islands to the present.

The mix of cultures that creates unique characterisitics of the thousand islands is demonstrated from the style of language, gestures and their thinking. The style of language they are speaking out loud in talk, lively, and diverse character of the tribes in Indonesia that had been mixed into a unique characteristics. In terms of culinary People also have its own diversity Pulo in both the mention of food and flavor that is typical of the local population.

From a variety of characters and cultures that have been mixed in the thousand islands make it better known to their local population and culture will support success in the advancement of regional tourism, in addition to local population hospitality can make tourists are welcome and can enjoy a holiday in the thousand islands. This of course can trigger the potential development of the thousand Islands tourism site and add to the existing list of sights in Indonesia.

The Thousand Islands Tourist Information Is Located In The Bay Of Jakarta, Indonesia, Are As Follows:

Before planning a visit to this island of a thousand, it's good we specify in advance and are looking for recommendations of the Islands already have facilities to visit, be it island nature reserve, island residents, as well as the private resort Island, such as The island's Hair "there are thousands of bird's habitat", island Bush Leaves  "there are habitats of nesting turtles ", Pamagaran Island and the island of transverse is   "National Park". However there is a island that must have special permission, because here are not all open to the public.

The thousand Islands tourist attraction, if we want to visit this place, first we go to Muara Angke, then proceed to use the fleet of ships contained four options, namely with traditional ships (ship), a ship PELNI, ferries, and ships fast (km. Grouper or Speed Boat). If travelers choose to take a traditional, km. Grouper, or ferry, tourists should head for the port of Kaliadem which is located behind the fish market of Muara Angke Jakarta, Apabil tourists want to ride Speed Boat, then travelers have to ride from the dock Marina, Ancol, while for PELNI ships ride, we got to ride from the port of Sunda Kelapa. But don't worry, if we confused determine sights we will circulate in the thousand islands, many traveling services that offers tour packages according to your needs we started from an economical price to high prices with the luxurious facilities. Here's some choice tourist islands in the thousand islands.

Island Sepa

With the travel range 90 minutes from Marina Ancol with crystal clear sea water conditions and cleaner is perfect for Snorkeling Trips, plus a beach of white sand and gentle slope makes the Sepa island it is beautiful island for visit this tourist attraction, often visited by local and foreign tourists to sunbathe on the beach, island of Sepa is known as "Paradise For Diver"

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The facilities provided in the Sepa Island include water sports namely  "Jetsky, Banana Boat, Canoe ", the package includes a Set of " Snorkling Diving, Snorkeling and Traditional Ships ", and there is also a Games Area i.e.,  "Gazebo on the edge of the beach and Playground The Child To The Family's ". Sepa island has a comfortable lodging with the cottage are available in several types of lodging. The unique restaurant as a place to eat and congregate the tourists with an open atmosphere to make it look more relaxed and traditional buildings that look more merges with nature. Tourist attractions also provide education in the rehabilitation of coral reefs and to foster a sense of caring about us against the underwater ecosystem that is adding to the Package with the transplantation of coral reefs, of course this will add to the experience attract tourists in terms of learning and useful for the preservation of tourist assets itself.

Island Princess

A distance of about 90 minutes from Marina Ancol by using fast ship. Island Princess has an area of approximately seven to eight hectares, many of the means available on the island, ranging from play activities for children or for adults. Diverse activity in the tourist interest in visiting the Island Princess, as the Island Princess has a means quite different from a thousand other Islands.

The uniqueness of the Island Princess is synonymous with shades of Bali, where tourists are greeted with Balinese dances, as well as at dinner in the restaurant we can find Balinese dances, and up in the Inn's interior looks. tourists who visit the Island Princess bernuansakan was felt bali was on the island of a thousand. Facilities owned by Island Princess is not inferior to the Sepa Island, where island also has a water sports, Snorkeling, Diving Packages, as well as various other facilities that can spoil the tourists in the visit to this Island Princess.

Island Pantara

Pantara island has a beautiful beach and its tour in this place because the furthest among other islands, that is located in the thousand islands, the distance traveled time approx 2 hours drive or a 42 mile 70 22 km from marina Ancol. The ride uses a large ship or by Speed Boat, on the island there is a large Cottage and 40 medium, as well as having a mini bar because the standard star hotels. Pantara or island often called the thousand Island Marine Resort has a restaurant on the shore so that tourists can enjoy to indahan the sea while enjoying dishes restaurant.

Pantara island has facilities in addition to the numbered 40-room Cottage, restaurant, Bar also provides a playing field, a swimming pool, Tennis Court, table tennis, play ground, beach volley, Canoe, snorkel sets are Sunset Cruise round the island and many other facilities. Pantara island is often used as a place of Event i.e. Outing, Outbound, meetings and Family Gatherings that can be done in the pool as well as indoor.

Island Ayer

Pulau Ayer is very suitable for family excursions have children under age and parents who want to enjoy the holidays with a white sand beach and the large trees and making the island cool, surely we will be pampered with the atmosphere of the beach to fill the holiday travelers. The mileage it takes about approximately 30 minutes away at sea with the ship's Speed Boat from Marina Ancol. This location became one of the options to fill the holiday weekend with family. Pulau Ayer dubbed the Pearl Beach in the thousand islands have an area of about 10 hectares and in resmikannya on 12 July 1987 by the Government of DKI Jakarta. Pulau Ayer had a Bungalow that is above the sea, gives the feel of a typical when we stay at Cottage in this bungalow area.

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Facilities available Pulau Ayer is the front office, the floating cottage, mini shop, a floating restaurant, sea sport actifities, arcade zone mimika, jogging track, swimming pool, children playground, stage ojar, mambramo multipurpose room, karaoke room, fishing pier, basketball field, convention hall, Ayer's souvenir store, and there are also water sports like jetsky, banana boat, surf bike and canoe.

Island Bidadari

Island Bidadari are pretty close to jakarta with a mileage of around 15 Km away and the time range approximately 25 minutes from Marina Ancol Bidadari Island, it is also a tourist attraction that is right for your family. The number of tourists coming to visit the island because of the mileage closely and also has other facilities such as a children's pool, there are animals peliharan Moose is a fairly tame and accustomed to human presence and building historic castle in the 17th century Netherlands colonial era since.

The existing buildings on the island this nymph named Tower Martello, since the year 1800-1810 the fortress functioned to supervise the onrust island because in that year the British army would like to rule the island of onrust, and there are also relics of Andong and also the ones still remaining historical heritage on the island at the time of angels in the Netherlands.
From the above Islands still has many islands that we can make the holiday weekend plans with sights and attractions are not less wonderful with other islands, such as Rainbow Island, Tidung Island, Pulau Pari Island Pramuka island Tiger, and a variety of other islands, certainly in any such island sights travelers will be offered the beauty of the beach and other facilities that make travelers enjoy visiting these attractions.

Such information attractions and family holidays in the thousand islands located in the Bay of Jakarta, Indonesia. Plan your vacation and always obey the rules that apply to our own safety and family.
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