Good News and Issues at Google: Youtube Blogspot and AdSense Payment

Major Issues of Google Products Throughout 2018 Blogspot Youtube and Google AdSense Payment
News of the Joy and Big Issues of Google Products Throughout 2018 Youtube Blogspot and Delay or Pending Google AdSense Payment. The problem in this google product was originally from, where in October 2018 a disturbance occurred and in the same month had trouble and now in November Problems Overwrite Google AdSense Publisher related to pending Payments (Delay / Pending).

The following is a brief discussion about the problems of Google products above.

1. Problems on
Around the last Sunday in October 2018 did experience a disruption where the Bloggers at the time of installing the TLD ( Costume Domain Blogspot ) domain on Blogspot could not be saved. I already asked at the domain sales site service provider and they answered was indeed having a problem after they confirmed to the Google. This happens, the problem is that around 2/3 days I forget, of course this time is indeed having a problem. But after a few days Troble returned to Normal and can do Domain TLD (Custome Domain) Settings.

 2. Problems on Youtube
After a few days from the problem experienced by Then cannot be accessed throughout the world ( Youtube videos cannot be played ) for approximately several hours in one working day (in October 2018). But this problem was quickly resolved by so that it can be accessed as usual.

3. Problems with Google AdSense - Payment
Now it seems that now the GA Payment ( Google AdSense Payment Problem ) starts on November 21, 2018, which is usually received every 22 November now (every other month) but until this article is published on November 27 2018 WIB, many publishers in the world feel worried about this incident. Because this is not usually the case even though November 26 is a working day not a national holiday, but those in all parts of the world still have not received payments from Google AdSense.
"There is a possibility that Google AdSense Payment will take advantage of the moments of national holidays, Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day to do system improvements or even their management"
Hopefully as soon as possible the problem in GA Payment is resolved like the previous product blogspot and youtube.

The good news is that there is positive feedback from Google regarding this Google AdSense Delay Payment. Here are the Strengthening Data Information related to AdSense payments will be immediately paid to publishers around the world for Blogger and Youtuber.

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Major Issues of Google Products Throughout 2018 Blogspot Youtube and Google AdSense Payment
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Major Issues of Google Products Throughout 2018 Blogspot Youtube and Google AdSense Payment


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We have seen delays in payments in November and are working hard to send your payments as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we try to solve this problem.

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Hopefully with the support above we all Publisher can wait patiently while the Google AdSense Payment does its job.

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